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David Alvarez

DCA Media Consulting

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John Jay Anglada

John J. The DJ

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Carla N. Armstrong

Gulfside Healthcare Services

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Kim Balfe

Fitness Trainer

F45 Training

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Gilbert Bennett

My Easy Mortgage

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Chrs Casella


William T. Davis

Natalie Dongherty

Life Churdh Missions

Ministry Associate

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Sean T. Donovan

Personal injury  &

Criminal Attorney

Anass El Omari Lexington Oaks Golf Cours

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Justine Esposito Insurance Agent Soriano Insurance

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Rob Hamilton Health Insurance

Petra Justice

Product Liability

Defense Attorney

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Elizabeth Kuhn Pasco County Schools

Dulce Lohen

Focal Point

Business Coach 

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Alison Lucien

Realtor - Allen

Collins Realty

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Ryan Luzod

Financial Planner

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Jeanine McLeod Photographer


Kristin Mescall San Antonio Credit Union

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Fred Molis

Retired - Insurance Claims

Patrick Murtha Public Accountant

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Gary Nager

Neighborhood News


Jannah Nager Marketing Director

RADD Sprts

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Cheryl Ohls Retired School


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Ron R. Oldano Private Wealth Advisor

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Paula S. O’Neil, Ph.D.

Business Consultant

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Karina Parilo MD Physician

Family Practice

Jazzy Parris

Union Park Charter Academy

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Michael Patrias Funeral Director

Charter Member

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Jessica Pendzinski 

Real Estate

Executive Assistant

Jodie Pitrone Sullivan Snowbird

Home Patrol Home Watch Services

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Antonio Rosario Wood Refinishing

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Kent Ross

RP&G Printing

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 Rebecca Kaminsky


Rabco Medical

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Rick Soriano

Insurance Agent

Soriano Insurance

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Troy Stevenson

Acme on The Go Advertising